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  • Do French Blue Bulldogs have a pedigree?

    Of course, in Europe and in worldwide there are national and international official corporation that recognize and protect the exotic French bulldog and the Blue French bulldog also.
  • After how many months do you bring the puppy to the new families?

    We bring it at 3 months and 21 days as the law requires, after all the health checks and having ascertained the puppy's perfect health.
  • What should I check in the first months of the puppy?

    That it has a correct diet in doses and quantities, but first of all remember to feed it with protein sources and foods that aren’t harmful to its health.
  • Do you also release the microchip together with the puppy?

    Each puppy is equipped with a microchip registered to the national and international canine registry.
  • Is your wet food "Carlotta Chef's Puppies Gourmet" made only of 100% natural meat?

    We use only first choice meat for human consumption, 100% meat cooked in a cooking pot without any additives or preservatives.
  • After how many months can I get your puppy wet food?

    Immediately, because our puppies are weaned and raised with these fine meats.
  • Is your wet food suitable only for Bulldogs?

    Of course, all the dogs can eat in these preparations
  • Can I buy only one type of wet food product (e.g. deer) or do I have to take them mixed?

    Of course,you can buy singles or you can choose them mixed to find out what is the best taste of dog
  • Do you have any different foods for dogs with intolerances?

    Our food was created precisely to provide to the tendency to allergies and intolerances that the French and English bulldogs can have.
  • Do you have any different wet foods for senior dogs and puppies?

    Our food is transversal, so it can be used from Puppy and adult as we talk about pure meat.
  • May I come and see your farm?

    Certainly, when a family decides to visit us we are even happier because you can see by yourself, how much time we spend in our work and for this passion.
  • How much wet food should I give to my puppy for each meal?

    It depends on the nutrition supply we want to set, usually 400gr is enough
  • Does your wet food replace the crunchies/ can I just give the wet food to my dog?

    They can be added to our wet or not.
  • Do you have any travel wet food packs?

    Not at the moment but we are working for you
  • How do you bring the bullies to the family homes?

    It depends on the distance, and if there are air connections from Vienna which is our departure airport to the destination city, we travel by plane and the puppy stays in the cabin in our arms in full comfort and relax. Usually, the Journey is about 1.00h / 1.30 max. towards the largest Italian and European cities, otherwise if there are no connections we bring our puppy by car in full comfort and relax in the arms of Katerina, she is the cuddle specialist in traveling.


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