The most coveted Bulldog of all: the Blue-Gray French Bulldog

The look

Highly requested for its coat and blue eyes, its tenderness and vivacity are typical characteristics of this breed.

If we exclude its particular color, the “Blue” French bulldog has similar characteristics with the common French bulldog: small but robust, it has a playful and joyful temperament, it is the perfect a pet.
Its nutrition must be accurate, pay attention to the description of the essential nutrients that you can find on the labels if you opt for dry food, this puppy must be educated in way to become obedient because its nature is so enthusiastic and stubborn.
I Cuccioli di Carlotta Company works meticulously every day. It means that, focused examinations are done, in way to make sure that the adoptive the new families will receive exclusive puppies guaranteed for health, beauty and character.
 I Cuccioli di Carlotta, under the supervision of the K.A.S. (Kennel Association Slovenko) which is recognized by the Ministry of the Interior, manages a project of beauty and protection selection concerning blue and exotic French bulldogs by releasing a recognized and valid pedigree genealogical exportation.
The pedigree includes the DNA details released and deposited in our DNA bank.
I CUCCIOLI DI CARLOTTA is the only European Breeding Company that issues a valid pedigree recognized by a ministry ,concerning the exotic and blue bulldogs.

Breeding company certified

Since 2014 I CUCCIOLI DI CARLOTTA breed and select ethically collaborating and being supervised the national company K.A.S (Kennel Association Slovensko).
Since 2017, I CUCCIOLI DI CARLOTTA is also part of the W.D.F (World Canine Science Federation) as a recognized breeding for its high quality standards for the commitment and passion shown that have led to great results.
I Cuccioli di Carlotta is in the elite of European and world breeding!


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When they ask you if he has a pedigree, the answer is yes!

I CUCCIOLI DI CARLOTTA with K.A.S. (Kennel Association Slovenko) recognized by the Ministry of the Interior manage a project of selection, beauty and protection for blue and exotic French bulldogs by releasing regular pedigree genealogical exporortations whish are recognized and valid.


On the pedigree, the DNA released is insered and registered in our genealogical bank of the DNA.

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