Quality English Bulldog puppies

The look

With its typical flattened muzzle and folded ears, the English bulldog is a Molossian with strong and powerful and really short legs.


It has a stocky appearance, but it’s a robust and muscled dog, with a smooth and soft fur and characterized by wrinkles which are a typical characteristic of this breed.

The Character

The English bulldog is an ideal companion dog, it loves to be surrounded and cuddled by people whom it interacts daily with; it is loyal and protective and we can say that it could be a discreet watchdog.
It is calm and so lazy and spends a lot of time by resting, especially in the warm months ,due to its short nasal bridge it may have difficulty in breathing.

The Nutrition

It is a very greedy dog, it must be accustomed to a correct and balanced diet because hit tends to gain weight easily and may face more health problems.
It is advisable to feed the English bulldog with fresh food with all the main nutrients.
The type and frequency of meals should be differentiated according to the age and activities of the dog.
Last but not less important , it should drink enough fresh water during the day.

  • How to train it

    It is important to start the training of English bulldog puppies since the first months of life and always maintaining a determined attitude , to stay focused on the clear hierarchies and recognize and respect the owner.
     In this way, the puppy will understand what are the rules it must respect and will be able to moderate its natural playful and lively attitude.
  • Brushing and cuddles

    The English bulldog must be cleaned with care and attention.

    In order to avoid the arising of skin issues, due to the characteristic fine lines; the complete washing shouldn’t be too frequent in order to keep the natural lipid layer and should be combined with daily cleaning of the tail, eyes, ears and intimate parts.


  • Healt issue

    The English bulldog tends not to show its health issues due to its very high pain threshold: therefore, it is necessary to pay attention potential illness or anomalies.
     It is sensitive to all the most common dangers for dogs, such as: ticks, fleas, mosquitoes or various parasitic infections or dermatological pathologies.

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