The most prestigious French Bulldog puppies in Europe

If you are looking for a mashed nose and taut ears of an adorable French bulldog that waits for you every time you come home, I Cuccioli di Carlotta is the perfect breeding for you.

Here, the adopting loving families meet the puppies, and we take care of all processes.

The French bulldog is Friendly, playful and loves children, IT is waiting for you to cheer up your days and your nights.

The look

Molossian of small size, powerful and compact.
The French bulldog has a short muzzle, erect ears and a short tail; it is an active and intelligent animal, it has a strong musculature and solid bone structure.

The character

The French bulldog is particularly friendly, and  loving dog attached to its owner; nice and calm, It could become a perfect defense dog in case it perceives danger for its family.

It is awake and active in winter but in summer, it suffers particularly the heat and therfore it is advisable to keep it cool, in peace. 

The French bulldog is an excellent pet, cheerful but not intrusive, always curious to see what is happening  all around.

How to educate it

The French bulldog puppy is cheerful and festive, but his inclusion in the new family should be helped by getting him used to contact as much as possible.

The specimen must then be educated in family hierarchies, to allow it to overcome its natural stubbornness.This result can be obtained by always making him eat after the owner or not agreeing immediately to its requests.

A basic education will ensure that our dog would be calm and obedient, but also that the trust between dog and owner is established.

  • How to care of your bully , by brushing and cuddles

    The cleaning is essential for the French bulldog, especially in the warmer months: harmful germs and bacteria could lurk on the coat, ears or between the fine lines of the face.

    The bath should be done but not too frequently , with neutral cleansings and the temperature of the water shouldn't be to hot. And then, you will have to dry your puppy very well with a towel, especially in winter.

    Other precautions we can mention are brushing, checking and cleaning the ears and wrinkles under the eyes as well as the feet, teeth and the area around the tail.

    All our puppies are weaned and fed immediately with our food.

  • Health

    The French bulldog doesn't have particular health problems, but it's still necessary to pay attention to its physical conformation typical of the breed which could be the cause, for example, of breathing problems in the warmer months; vertical jumps or similar movements should be avoided in way to not overload the joints.

    Most of all, it is good practice to pay attention on the most common health problems in dogs as: ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, parasitic infections and various dermatological diseases.

  • The nutrition

    The French bulldog needs to follow a balanced diet, taking the right amount of nutrients. If you decide to opt for fresh food, you must be aware to prepare complete foods every day, with the right amount of each nutrient.

    Dry food, on the other hand, is prepared in way to obtain the perfect balance of all the nutrients.

    So in this case, pay a particular attention to the ingredients and read the labels carefully in way to avoid the chemical antioxidants, which could cause carcinomas to your puppy.

    Our products are 100% natural.

Insights on the most prestigious French Bulldogs in Europe


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