Our puppies, in first-class to reach your home

How  do our puppies travel?

All puppies travel with us in full comfort and relax.

Traveling in the cabin, reduces the stress and the journey is quicker than a car trip and this is the best way to bring your puppies at home.

We personally bring the puppy directly to the home of the new families. 

Or if you prefer, come and visit us at our farm, we will be glad to welcome you.

With Your puppy , you will receive the following documents:

  • Passport and Microchip

  • Vaccines - Rabies - Deworming

  • Pesticide treatment

  • Certificate of good health

  • Birth certificate

  • Registration in the Eu canine registry

  • Warranty Agreement - Pedigree

We will be at your disposal in post-adoption for any eventuality, to follow you step by step.

How can I have your puppy?

We advise you to put yourself on the list to have one of our furry jewels, more and more coveted and sought after, doing it is very simple.

Send a message on WhatsApp describing your preference together with your name, surname and city.

As soon as we have passed the routine medical visits and received the go-ahead from our veterinarian, we will take photos and videos of the puppies available and send them immediately to the people who have requested them.

We strictly respect the order of insertion in time in the list.

Come to visit breeding and clinic

You can reach us by plane at the airports of Vienna and Budapest

With about 60 minutes of flight you can be here from the main Italian cities without stress.

For your convenience we can accompany the puppy for free directly to the airport, to allow you to return to Italy in one day or spend your time visiting the beautiful European capitals that are very close to us!

Or you can reach us by car, from northern Italy we are about 7h away.

You will be our guests and we will show you our breeding. If you intend to visit our kennel, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to welcome you to our facilities, we also offer the free transport service from Vienna and / or Bratislava airport, just let us know the arrival time.

You will visit our kennel and you will be able to choose your puppy. Otherwise we can send photos and videos of the puppies available in real time via WhatsApp. You can proceed with the choice of your puppy according to your preferences and then we can accompany him directly to home.

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