Breeding of French and English Bulldog Puppies

Official Breeding Authorized and Registered in Slovak Republic Registration Number N. 86425731

I Cuccioli di Carlotta is a consolidated reality in Europe in the breeding of standard and exotic French bulldogs and English bulldogs.

The breeding is part of the elite in the field of European and world dog lovers, making their puppies coveted and highly sought after.


Today, we try to help in the best possible way all those people who are looking for a healthy and beautiful bulldog puppy. Every single day we work with passion and dedication by raising and selecting our puppies with love.

Actually, we select and breed each puppy following the highest health and beauty profiles worldwide.
We bring every puppy directly to its adopting family, if this one isn’t able to pick it up personally, this choice was made to guarantee less stress for the puppy and all the precautions in a such delicate and important moment.

Selection ‘s criteria

The first and most important selection criterion for I Cuccioli di Carlotta is health: it is based on selecting and raising only healthy subjects with genealogies free of pathologies and deposited DNA, following the rhythms of nature that are far from any form of exploitation.

Our area of election and breeding of highly prized specimens is Central Europe – this area has a strong dog tradition and able to offer guarantees with very strict standards for those who works in the sector.

Our puppies are sold with a pedigree, a valid European passport, rabies with verifiable serial number, indispensable vaccines, internal parasitic treatment (deworming), external parasitic treatment, certificate of good health, microchip for the identification and a guarantee contract on the health of the puppy to protect the customer.

Protocol for diagnostic control of the genetic pathologies of puppy parents

Below you will find all the controls that we ask to see the families with whom we collaborate, and the check up which we submit the puppies to become the "Di Carlotta Puppies".


  • Eye examination
  • Cardiological examination
  • Neurological examination for the diagnosis of congenital deafness
  • Orthopedic check up.
The requests are always numerous, contact us to reserve your puppy for the following contacts:


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