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All the things you have to know about the French Bulldog before, deciding to buy it




The French Bulldog's build is compact and massive.
Male specimens weigh on average between 8 and 14 kg for a length that doesn't exceed 30 centimeters.
It is distinguished by the famous smashed nose that leads him to breathe heavily and it often snores  during its sleep.

Face and muzzle are short and the ears have a kind of bat shape that give it a nice and incredible look. The tail is short and often corkscrew-shaped, this is another  particularity of the breed. The eyes are very dark and round and the lower teeth are slightly protruding from the upper ones.

Health and care 

Despite its muscular build, the French Bulldog has a low tolerance to  the cold temperatures. It is a flat dog and you shouldn't leave it outside during the winter. It also has a low resistance  to hot temperatures,  it is penalized by the nose and the short nasal bridge which are inefficient in cooling the air up to the lungs in a  right way.  As it has short hair, it loses limited quantities, by the way it must used the right care to maintain it. Salivation is also not excessive.

The French Bulldog is generally in good health and resistant to disease. By the way it is recommended to do periodical check up, they are useful for the early assessment of any cardiac pathologies, respiratory problems and dislocations.  French Bulldogs tend to gain weight easily, as the are used to  relaxation . For this reason, it is recommended to pay attention to its nutrition which must be as healthy as possible.


Prices, breeding and some curiosities

The value of a French Bullgod depends on any variables such as age, family tree and inherited physical characteristics. The price for a specimen tends to be around 1200 euros, but you can also find over 2500 euros in the presence of pedigrees or awards won by parents.
The French Bulldog farms are numerous today but it is not advisable to rely on people who try to sell via the internet, at really low prices, and refusing to show their parents personally. 
All thosw who want  to adopt a French Bulldog should keep in mind some small curiosities, such as the breed's poor swimming aptitude.
In fact, French Bulldogs are very bad swimmers and should be kept away from swimming pools or deep water courses. The compact body would in fact make them go inexorably down. And if water is a problem, even the planes don't joke.
Several airlines have banned this breed from their flights as several specimens have unfortunately lost their lives in flight. An air travel (hold) can be particularly stressful especially if faced with respiratory problems, in fact since 01-01-20 the transport of the French Bulldog in the hold is prohibited. 
Instead, transport in the cabin is allowed and recommended, where it can travel comfortably with its owner, without stress or danger,  nowadays  many airline companies accept dogs in the cabin, with a  weight limitations around 8 /10 kg including a pet carrier.

The physical conformation of the French Bulldog doesn't help in reproduction. 
Most of the specimens are born thanks to artificial insemination. Childbirth is also difficult and a caesarean operation is frequently used.



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